Two people facing the same charges may not be treated the same when it comes to seeing their lawyers.

There are many situations, all made more sever because of Coronavirus, that makes it difficult for an incarcerated individual to see their attorney. For individuals with private legal counsel and who are not using a public defender, their right to have a privileged discussion with their attorney is gone.  So one can easily see how you may have fewer rights than your cellmate or other inmates solely because you opted to hire a private attorney. 

Indeed you probably are paying good money for your lawyer to defend you but your defense strategy is being hampered because you cannot easily speak in confidence with your lawyers. Phones are recorded in most correctional facilities and your lawyer may not be able to visit in-person these days.

Inequality among those incarcerated  

Many people who are awaiting trial or hearing and are in custody during that time are being treated unfairly by the correctional system if they cannot visit in-person with their attorneys. But the recent health pandemic has put reasonable limitations on visitation in correctional facilities across the country UNLESS you are represented by a public defender.

There is a solution to this inequality, so that your reduced rights versus your cellmates’ is made more fair. It is the only solution available and has rapidly begun to change how correctional facilities and private criminal defense lawyers work to ensure all individuals are treated the same when it comes to the important right to counsel – which necessarily includes the ability to ensure privileged communications can happen.