Fewer attorney visits to jails are hurting many people awaiting trial.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the right to counsel for incarcerated individuals and their families. Attorney visits to jails, prisons and other correctional facilities during COVID times, have been severely limited and substantially reduced.

Many attorneys cannot physically visit the jails, prisons and lock-up facilities because they are in higher-risk groups for COVID exposure, especially in high trafficked areas like correctional facilities.

To make matters worse, almost all correctional facilities across the U.S. today have limited rules for visits in general, including from counsel.  In situations where an attorney must travel via air or by public transport, the risks increase as well.

This problem mostly impacts only incarcerated individuals with private attorneys.  Many Public Defender offices offer a similar service to their lawyers. This disparity is unfair and is made worse with the lack of attorney visits to jails and other correctional facilities during the COVID pandemic.

Secure Online Video Meetings

CaseFile Connect offers the only secure online video-conferencing system designed and built for incarcerated individuals and their private attorneys to enjoy the right to meet to discuss their case and legal issues under the protection of privileged communications laws.  So that discussions between lawyers and their clients are not accessible by anyone.

The system is secured with the bank-grade encryption and is designed with privacy and legal operations in mind.  Attorneys and clients access meeting sessions and features via a secure web-browser connection.

More and more correctional facilities are installing CaseFile Connect meeting rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art video-conferencing equipment and CaseFile Connect software to manage the meetings and certify the privilege of the online meeting session.