Reduce in-person attorney visits.
Reduce legal mail.

Defend the facility against inmate claims of improper restrictions to their discovery.

Facility Staff Safety & Security

Eliminate the logistics of processing attorney visitors.

Minimize inmate movement.

Reduce legal mail logistics – no more making paper copies.

Preventing the hidden entry of contraband.

Benefits to custodial facilities:


Facilities keep all the same rules and all the same protocols


No impact to the application of the administrative regulations under which the facility operates


Lower logistics requirements


Zero Costs or Fees to Facility


Saves manpower (guards and prison staff can use their time more effectively)


Compliant with all Crime-Fraud Exception court orders

Our Guarantee

CaseFile Connect is always fully responsible for its system and devices.

Custodial facility staff should be confident that they will never be held liable for damage to devices at any time. We understand accidents happen and so with our guarantee, we replace those damaged devices without issue.

Most effective solution for the current and post-pandemic world

Counties, States and the Federal Government have recognized the need to modernize.

With CaseFile Connect, jails and prisons are able to:

  • Meet budget requirements
  • Reduce risk of unwanted contact during the pandemic and in the unknown future of health safety
  • Also useful for attorneys dealing w post-conviction relief: appeals, writs, petitions, 18USC… 2241 & 2255 motions
  • Option to maintain visitation procedure compliance for
    Attorney screenings
  • Background checks
  • Speed up visitation approval for attorneys

Custodial Facility Partner Program

Are you a jail, prison or custodial facility in the US or Canada interested in our Custodial Facility Partner Program, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will respond right away.