Access to all discovery.
Access to your attorney. All from a secure jail tablet.

Incarcerated clients and their lawyers can securely work together on case documents and privileged communications.

The Problem Today

It is impossible to remotely access updated case discovery materials and to participate in confidential discussions from custodial facilities.


Cannot review and mark documents and multimedia discovery in order to effectively prepare your case strategy.


Calls and social chats are recorded and are oftentimes provided to law enforcement without consent.


Not enough face time between attorneys and clients to review case defense and strategy due to travel and logistics challenges.

The Solution

A fully secure, closed system that allows attorneys and clients to collaborate and communicate on a fully privileged channel.

Participate in remote, private attorney-client privileged conversations and the secure collaboration of audio and video discovery.

Remote Attorney-Client Privileged Collaboration

Available in many facilities across the U.S.

Collaboratively track case preparation and ensure progress in developing the defense.

All communications transit over a secure network.

CaseFile Connect has special partnerships with several tablet companies including ViaPath.

Simply download the CaseFile Connect app on your ViaPath tablet and get started.

secure meetings

Meet via video and work more effectively.


Share discovery documents and exhibits.


Annotate documents and collaborate on defense strategy.


Access document and multimedia marking and notation tools.


Prepare for trial in the most effective way.

Increase your productivity by finding multiple new hours to obtain and serve your clients across the country.