Criminal Justice Reform from the Inside

Finally, a system that allows incarcerated individuals to remotely and securely access their case file, discovery and attorney-client discussions.




Enabling effective assistance of counsel and due process by allowing attorneys and incarcerated clients to collaborate remotely in real-time on a case.


Pre Trial

Now access, review and notate the rapidly growing hours of video evidence in today’s criminal cases, in addition to traditional written discovery.


Post Conviction

Regardless of where a defendant is located, eliminate the geographic barrier to effectively maintain confidential attorney-client meetings.


Civil Case

Participate in attorney-client meetings, attend depositions remotely and prepare for trial using annotation and transcription features.

If you are an attorney with an incarcerated client, get started now.

Meet Remotely. Meet Confidentially. Work Effectively.

secure meetings

Specialized software to help prepare for attorney-client meetings.

Eliminate the logistical challenges of case preparation where the defendant is located in a custodial facility.

The proprietary CaseFile Connect system enables attorneys and clients to search, review, mark, annotate, and collaborate remotely in real-time on all discovery material in the case including written documents, audio recordings, video clips and more.

CaseFile Connect removes the logistical challenges inherent in the current process to attend attorney-client meetings in correctional facilities, by limiting:


Travel time


Processing time


Wait-for-your-client time


Co-location physical limitations of working behind glass and through intercom systems


Ensuring a true privileged setting with no eavesdropping or recordings

Today’s criminal cases have many hours of body-cam footage, voicemail recordings, chats and other messaging from smartphones, dozens of boxes of documents and gigabytes of other digital discovery material that requires collaborative review by both the attorney and client.

Incarcerated clients have the ability to:


Remotely and digitally access their entire discovery record and case file.


Mark, annotate and comment on audio/video evidence and written documents.


Collaborate remotely in real-time on documents to help categorize and prepare for hearings and trial.


Participate in privileged-protected video conference meetings between attorneys and clients.


Keep notes, strategic plans and exhibits for trial in a secure database dedicated exclusively to your case and accessible only to the authorized case team.

Key Reasons to Use our Service

  • Strong encryption
  • No reliance on the facility’s systems
  • Privacy compliant
  • Certified by specialists
  • Works in almost every custodial facility across North America
  • No need for special software or hardware
  • Additional features for attorneys
  • Maintain health safety by limiting in-person visits

Protect your legal discussions from jail.

You are entitled to have secure access to your discovery material such as police reports, body-cam videos, recorded interviews of witnesses, and all other documents that make up your discovery. Using our encrypted and certified online service guarantees that your access and communications are legally protected.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Begin using CaseFile Connect today.

Correctional Facilities Benefits

  • Creates visitation efficiency
  • Helps protect against civil rights claims
  • Better health safety for guards and prison staff
  • Complies with Right to Counsel requirements
  • Fully encrypted & privacy compliant
  • System support included

Casefile Connect is the most compliant and convenient way to provide attorney-client visits while keeping prison staff safe from health concerns.


Attorneys: Protect Your Data and Meetings

For attorneys and their clients


Low Cost

The secure CaseFile Connect service is reasonably priced for any budget or case size.


Fast & Secure

Experts in criminal law and security have come together to ensure a secure system.


Easy to Start

Simply register and set up an account, get approved and begin using the service right away.

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